Monthly Membership Meeting Locations

November 15th, 2019

Franklinville Town Hall






December 1, 2016

Ramseur / Eastern Randolph Area Chamber of Commerce Goes Mobile!
That’s right, the Ramseur / Eastern Randolph Area Chamber of Commerce will be on the road promoting our members' businesses and connecting them with customers and clients who live throughout the area we serve. Since one of our goals for 2017 is to be more engaged within our community, our monthly Chamber of Commerce meetings will now be held at local businesses.  These on-site business locations give our members opportunities to see the businesses in operation and explore possibilities for referrals and collaborations.

The new meeting schedule begins this month, with the December 8 meeting at Franklinville United Methodist Church, the January 12 meeting at Jackie’s Flower Shop and the February 9 meeting at Harmony Baptist Church. The schedule is on our website and members will receive an email reminder of meeting locations.

If you would like to host a monthly membership meeting, please contact the chamber at
336-824-2030. It's a great opportunity to show Chamber members the features and benefits
of the products/services you provide, so they can easily make referrals.

Why are we closing our office and going mobile?  We're eliminating the overhead of a building with rent and utilities, so dues and sponsorships can be invested directly in the communities we serve. Members' businesses will be featured each month as we meet in new locations, so we can learn more about the nature of their business or service and be able to promote them within the community. More community engagement = a stronger and more effective Chamber of Commerce.

You're invited to December Business After Hours at Line Drive Graphics. 161 Crestwick Rd, Ramseur, NC 27316. Please RSVP to by December 12, 2016.

We appreciate your continued support for the Ramseur / Eastern Randolph Area Chamber of Commerce and look forward to great and growing businesses in 2017.



Ramseur Chamber of Commerce Adopts New Name and Expands Its Reach
Supporting Businesses in Eastern Randolph County is a New Focus for the Chamber.

Ramseur, NC, June 1, 2016

The Ramseur Chamber of Commerce has been renamed: Ramseur/Eastern Randolph Area Chamber of Commerce and is reaching out to offer support to businesses on the eastern side of Randolph County. The Chamber will representation and support all business within Randolph County, but will focus on supporting the communities of Ramseur, Staley, Coleridge, Bennett, Cedar Falls, Grays Chapel,Franklinville and surrounding areas.

“Our members benefit from the Chamber’s support,” said Gary Bean, President of the Ramseur/Eastern Randolph Area Chamber of Commerce. “There are growth opportunities for businesses in these new areas and we welcome new members who would like the kind of support that helps strengthen their businesses.”

As the Chamber leadership looked at opportunities for growth for its members and for the Chamber, the need for a new name was addressed. “We added Eastern Randolph to our name so businesses in this area knew the Chamber was intentional about inviting them to become Chamber members,” commented Gary Bean.

With an expanded name and new logo, the Ramseur/Eastern Randolph Area Chamber of Commerce covers a larger geographic area and welcomes new members and event sponsors. The goal is to help all businesses successfully build their business and to support local events. The Chamber’s office will remain in its current location at 1529 Main Street in Ramseur, NC.

The Chamber will continue to promote events such as the Deep River Concert Series, the Deep River Antique and Craft Fair and other events to be added to the calendar. Using the Deep River Events name honors the river that flows through the region, connecting the entire area.